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Social cohesion through Shared Decision-Making

June 2023

Walking Together for Logan's Children

Over 8 weeks from mid-April to early June 2023, the Logan community joined hands to create ‘Walking Together for Logan’s Children’. The event embraced the Stronger Places
Stronger People Annual Learning Event and was a celebration of the ongoing work of Logan
Together. The preparation for the event itself was demanding and required a big focus, but it
also strengthened the movement, enabled new connections and relationships and deepened our alignment.

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Walking together

What we did

Walking Together for Logan's Children was a transformative event that brought together the Logan community, government leaders, policy makers, investors, service providers, and corporates from across Australia. Held in Eagleby, this immersive experience showcased the remarkable impact of community leadership on systems reform, shared decision-making, and improved outcomes for children.


Co-designed by the Logan community and the Logan Together Leadership Table, the event aimed to advance social impact practices and policies while highlighting the essential ingredients for effective change.


It was a powerful demonstration of unity, collaboration, and the collective

commitment to creating a brighter future for Logan's children.


What we achieved together 

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