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Our story

Logan Together

"We've been on this journey for a while, which now culminates in us moving forward in the community."

Gnirigomindala Karulbo member

Logan Together started in 2015 with a focus on community, government, funders and the service sector working together to see Logan’s children happy, healthy and thriving now and for generations to come. 

Logan Together brings together a diverse group of people, including residents, businesses, community organisations, and government agencies. We work on common goals, tackle issues and celebrate the successes that are central to our community.

By working together and utilising everyone's strengths we are creating a brighter future for our children and families.

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Our community in Logan Together

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If we intend to disrupt the system, to shift the power, we need to ensure that

children and families who live in Logan have both agency and a strong voice.

Our community are those who get up in the morning and go to bed at night in Logan, whose children live in Logan and who have an abiding and deep love for those children

We are all connected

as a strong learning community through valued and deep relationships

As a collective we learn and grow together, co-design,
co-facilitate, share decision-making, and a
ct together for Logan’s children

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Together we have to change the story and build the trust so that we achieve our shared aspiration for Logan’s children and families.


Our values

First Nations First

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We believe that we need to do the work to strengthen cultural ways of knowing. This will see us shift from western structures and processes into an intrinsic way of working with a
First Nations First approach.

Children at the heart

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We are helping to ensure children growing up in Logan are loved, safe, valued and thriving. We are working to ensure that the voices of our children directly influence the decisions we make together to ensure their strong futures.

Community led

Community led_Value

We believe power should be shared equally with our diverse community. Together we will enable community members to lead decision-making and share accountability with the sectors as confident, capable individuals.


The Logan Together timeline


"It's important to be bringing so many people together from across the Logan Together movement to contribute and put their ideas together and discover what it is that we can use to achieve better outcomes for children."

Logan community member, Splash! 2022

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