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Focus communities

in Logan Together

Walking alongside communities

Logan Together’s work includes walking alongside focus communities within Logan. This means supporting these communities to embrace the Collective Impact approach, with targeted community-led solutions addressing change across the whole system and within each of the developmental stages of a child. 

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Where we are working and why

By going deep into focus communities we are working to ensure that all of Logan‘s children are loved and safe, have the material basics, are healthy, learning, participating and have a strong sense of culture and identity.

Logan Together is walking alongside two focus communities within Logan and we have commenced support for a third to strengthen readiness for doing community-led, collaborative work. 

The two communities we are walking alongside are Eagleby, and Yarrabilba and Logan Village.

These communities are building their own local governance structures and are bringing together local Backbone Teams, supported by Logan Together. This work is truly place-based.

For example, Eagleby Together has already articulated a strong vision for the future and commenced the work to change systems. In only 18 months, there is already early evidence of impact for Eagleby’s children and families. You can read more about this work in the Early Evidence Report of Community-Led Change. 



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Logan Village

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