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Governance and team

Logan Together

We are Logan, together.

Our governance structure is designed to facilitate effective collaboration and collective decision-making. At its core is our Leadership Table, Gnirigomindala Karulbo, and our Board. We then have our Action Group and Backbone team.

The governance structure of Logan Together embodies principles of shared responsibility, collaboration, and co-design, ensuring that decisions are made collectively and implementation efforts are coordinated for maximum impact.


Who we are


Gnirigomindala Karulbo

Gnirigomindala Karulbo are the First Nations people at the heart of our governance. Gnirigomindala Karulbo works with, and advises, Logan Together.

Gnirigomindala Karulbo is an ecology of knowing that:

  • fits with the real place where we live,

  • helps us to address all aspects of life here in this place,

  • generates positive, adaptive, and alternative understandings,

  • strengthens and sustains culturally well Indigenous futures.

Our relational understandings seek an excellence of belief that proposes Equity as essential to the voice and the wellbeing of our community.

Our understandings shared well with our community informs
practices that benefit and sustain our community.

Gnirigomindala logo.jpg

Leadership Table

The Leadership Table is Logan Together's integrated community and cross-sectors governance group.


Membership reflects the diversity of the Logan community. It plays the following roles:

  • Co-design Collective Plan

  • Accountability for implementing Collective Plan

  • Responsibility for Logan Together Backbone workplan

  • Sustainability

  • Ensure community voices at the heart

  • Embedding Collective Impact approach

  • Support new communities as focus communities

Our Board

The Logan Together Board plays the following roles:

  • Legal (fiduciary) and compliance responsibility for Logan Together funds

  • Sign-off on strategy

  • Risk

  • Management of resources

  • Hiring Logan Together Backbone and performance management

  • Connect-in partnerships and networks

  • Sustainability 

  • Alignment with purpose

  • Advocacy

Our Board members

The role of the Logan Together Action Group is to listen and hold up community voice. The Action Group informs Logan Together leadership about the priorities of the community and options for progressing action.

Action Group

Who we are

Backbone Team

Our team is responsible for providing the necessary support and coordination to facilitate collaboration among our diverse stakeholders. We serve as the glue that holds the initiative together, providing the infrastructure and resources needed to help Logan Together achieve our community outcomes.

Michelle Headshot copy.jpg

Michelle Lucas

Executive Director

Shelley Headshot copy.jpg

Shelley Gawronski

Partnership Support and Administration Manager

SJ 2 Headshot copy.jpg

Sarah-Jane Bennett

Systems Change

NAT HS FINAL copy (1).jpg

Nat Millar

Community Engagement Specialist

Kathy Headshot copy.jpg

Kathy Dunning

Business Services

Craig Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Craig Quartermaine

Journalist in Residence

ALEX HS 1_edited.jpg

Alex Ganis 

Communications Manager 

Jodie 2_edited.png

Jodie Booth

Inclusion and Equity Lead 


Thea Anderson 

Place-based Learning and Impact Lead 


Shonna Veamatahau

Strategic Communications and Social Marketing Lead 

Working together

Logan Together partners and friends

"As diverse as our communities are, we should reflect this in the decision making and community members should be seen as capable individuals that can lead decisions and contribute to how our communities look and feel."

Kenny Duke, SSI

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