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1000 Voices Campaign

Resources for Collection

Collection Placemat: This is the tool we are using to engage and capture community voices face to face

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Keep in touch form: This is separated from the voice collection platform to make sure the survey remains anonymous

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Follow your voice: This page provides community a place to get updates see quotes and find out about events

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Online Survey: The survey is hosted on Typeform, and the responses are linked to a spreadsheet that the backbone team can access.

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Take Away Cards: print these cards out and cut them out. These are to give to participants so they have something they can link to later

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Resources for the Collectors

Collectors Support Guide: for the interviewers, containing tips and tricks and how to capture and store the information

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Video: This video talks about the Why and What of the "1000 voices" approach but does not explore how to do it.

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